#1 Re : Télécommande » Rii Mini i8 Wireless » 04/07/2023 13:56:26

Thanks for providing link its a ggod product i will buy if it if it's stull available.

#2 Re : Cartes Tuner TV » Signal très variable » 04/07/2023 13:51:49

It seems like there may be an issue with the signal strength and stability of your Terratec Cinergy T² box when using MythTV. One possible solution to consider is checking your CPU usage and exploring the use of BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) as it can help optimize system performance. Additionally, providing more information about your setup could assist in diagnosing the problem more accurately.

#3 Re : Carte Graphique et Sortie TV » quelle carte graphique ? » 04/07/2023 13:49:53

One popular option from that era is the Nvidia GeForce GT 220. It offers decent performance for video playback and supports hardware acceleration, which can greatly enhance the MythTV experience. The GT 220 was released in 2009 and should be compatible with Mythbuntu 10.10.

#4 Re : Optimisation » Balisage de pub qui marche » 04/07/2023 13:46:02

It's great to hear that you've successfully implemented pub markup for the DTT channels and had positive results with the auto-jump feature. Although your modifications weren't integrated upstream, it's impressive that you found a reliable method based on channel logo detection or parental indication. Keep up the good work!

#5 Re : Configuration » NBA 2K23 MyTEAM:Crossover collection Season five » 24/06/2023 09:00:07

The Phoenix Suns have secured the fifth spot as one of the standout teams in NBA 2K23, boasting a formidable lineup. With players like Devin Booker and Chris Paul leading the charge, both rated in the low 90s, they make excellent choices for fans looking to build their teams in game modes such as MyNBA. Alongside them, Deandre Ayton's skills are steadily improving, while Mikal Bridges serves as a valuable defensive anchor for your squad, particularly when facing off against formidable opponents. The Phoenix Suns offer a strong and balanced roster for players to utilize in their NBA 2K23 experience.

#6 Re : Suggestions, propositions, contributions » Installation d'une carte dvb-s pour canalsat » 24/06/2023 08:56:05

To install and configure a Hauppauge Nova S Plus DVB-S card for CanalSat + Africa, follow these steps. First, physically install the card into an available slot on your computer. Next, insert the driver installation CD and follow the prompts to install the necessary drivers. Alternatively, download the drivers from the Hauppauge website. Connect the satellite dish to the card using a coaxial cable. Open the software provided by Hauppauge or any compatible DVB-S software. Select "CanalSat + Africa" from the satellite list or manually enter the satellite parameters. Initiate a channel scan to find available channels. Finally, manage and organize the channels to your liking. Refer to the documentation for more details.

#7 Re : Actualité » MythTV 32.0 » 24/06/2023 08:51:34

Thankyou for providing information and link

#8 Re : Divers » If you are amid the millions of players agreeable in FUT » 20/06/2023 13:42:33

It can be frustrating for PC players to experience higher prices for FUT content compared to console players. The exact reasons for this price difference may vary, and it's difficult to pinpoint a single cause without further information. However, it's not uncommon for different platforms to have variations in market dynamics, including supply and demand, player base, and overall market trends. It's important to note that these pricing differences are determined by the game's publisher and can be influenced by factors such as platform popularity, market regulations, and economic considerations.

#9 Re : Xmltv » tv_grab_fr_telerama plus que 3 jours d'avance » 20/06/2023 13:38:07

The cause of this change could be due to various factors, such as updates to their data sources, technical limitations, or changes in their service policies. It might be helpful to reach out to the tv_grab_fr_telerama support team or check their official website.

#10 Re : Installation de MythTV » Because of the convenience with which Diablo » 20/06/2023 13:33:09

That sounds really exciting! The prospect of Diablo 4 introducing an open world and expanding on the elements that made Diablo 3 enjoyable is definitely something to look forward to. The teasers and speculation surrounding the game's announcement and potential launch date have certainly built up the anticipation. I'll keep an eye out for any official announcements or updates from Blizzard. Thanks for sharing this information!

#12 Présentez-vous » Hello Everyone! » 17/06/2023 15:40:17

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Hello Everyone!
Hope you all are doing great just joined this community.
Really excited to be part of this community and to communicate with all of you!
Best Regards,

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